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Hello guys, my name is Thomas Edisson Runkat. I’m Binusian 2020 from school of computer science. And this is my first blog ever since i become a Binusian. In this blog i will tell you guys about my experience through Binus University Freshmen Enrichment Program A.K.A. FEP.

Binus FEP divided into 3 part that we called General Orientation A.K.A. GO, Academic Orientation A.K.A. AO, and Campus Life Orientation A.K.A. CLO. In the General Orientation we will have some session for 1 week that will tell us about something that we must know as a Binusian such as Binus Maya, Binus Way, and else. In this General Orientation we will be guided by some Binusian before us that we called Buddy Coordinator A.K.A. BC.In the General Orientation we will know about all the organization in the binus university in the session called ” Bunga Rampai “. That session called “bunga rampai”,in this session per unit of student activity telling us about the programs they are doing and show us the demo. There are a lot of student activity unit, one of them:theatre known as STMANIS, English club known as BNEC, mandarin club known as BNMC, dance known as STAMANARA, radio known as BVOICE, BINUS TV and of course there are many others.
On the last day in GO(General Orientation) we have 2 session, the first session called “kebersamaan” in this session each class have to show the slogan that we have created and practiced during this week. After that session we are allowed to register in a student activity unit that we prefer.

And after the General Orientation, we will be doing the Academic Orientation. The Academic Orientation is some kind of preliminaries. So in this orientation we will learn about some basic of our lectures. And also in this orientation we will know all about our faculty. What will we do after graduated from this faculty. But in the end of this orientation there will be an exam.

And that’s it. The last orientation would be Campus Life Orientation. But, because i’m still in the Campus Life Orientation. I couldn’t tell you about my Campus Life Orientation yet. But, i will tell you soon after i finish my Campus Life Orientation. See you~

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